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Red Wine

Corney & Barrow is proud to represent some of the world’s rarest and most highly sought-after red wines such as Château Pétrus and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. While our red wine selection from classic regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy is particularly strong, we are also pleased to offer an increasingly wide portfolio of red wines from around the world. Covering many different styles, grape varieties, and price levels, our red wine range starts from as little as £5.99. We hope you will find a wine that fits the bill, whatever your taste, budget or occasion. However if you are looking for a fortified red or Port, then please look in the relevant section. If you cannot find the wine you are looking for, or would like further information on any of the wines featured in this section or others, please contact our sales team at Corney & Barrow on sales@corneyandbarrow.com or call 020 7265 2430.

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White Wine

Corney & Barrow’s selection of white wines is extensive. We have developed a reputation over many years for wines from classic ‘old world’ wine regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux, and we are proud to represent some of the greatest white wine-producing estates in the world. However we continue to search the globe for new and exciting wines to add to our portfolio. So whether you are looking for a top white Burgundy, or a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc with change for under £10, look no further! If you are searching for a white wine which is sweet, sparkling, fortified (eg Muscat or Sherry), then please refer to the relevant section. If you cannot find the wine you are looking for, or would like further information on any of the wines featured in this section or others, please contact our sales team at Corney & Barrow on sales@corneyandbarrow.com or call 020 7265 2430.

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Portugal’s most famous and enduring wine export, Port counts among the wine world’s most hedonistic pleasures, and you will find many styles at Corney & Barrow. Ruby Port is relatively inexpensive and easy drinking, offering vibrant, sweet ripe fruit and a kick of alcohol – prized by the French as an aperitif. Tawny Port, whose colour derives from ageing in oak barrels, makes an excellent pre-dinner refresher or partner for the cheeseboard, and Corney & Barrow’s Ten Year Old Tawny is an ideal starting point. LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) denotes a single vintage Port from premium vineyards. Matured in barrels for early drinking, LBV offers a taste of the style and quality of vintage Port, at modest prices. The ultimate collector’s wine, Vintage Port is the result of exceptional years and the very best vineyards, requiring decades of storage to attain its deep, silken maturity, and impressive price tag.

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There is nothing quite like the power of Champagne, to lift the spirits and put the soul into a celebration. While there are many delicious sparkling wines now available from the world’s many wine regions, Champagne’s status as the world’s most sophisticated, prized and expensive sparkling wine remains unparalleled. Corney & Barrow’s Champagne range spans prices and styles to suit all occasions, tastes and budgets. Our house Champagne is a 100% grand cru from tiny, family-owned house Champagne Guy de Chassey, partners of Corney & Barrow for many years. We are also proud to be exclusive UK distributors for Champagne Delamotte, based in the prestigious village of Le Mesnil in the Côtes des Blancs. Delamotte’s elegant Chardonnay-based Champagnes share the finesse and poise of Delamotte’s sister house Champagne Salon, the world’s rarest and most exclusive Champagne, made only in exceptional vintages.

Photo: Champagne Salon, Credit: Serge Chapuis

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Cognac is France’s best-known brandy, enjoying worldwide recognition for a brand name synonymous with class, luxury and refinement. Cognac is made in France’s Charente region, 100 miles north-east of Bordeaux. Cognac is subject to complex French appellation laws, whose minimum requirements involve double-distillation in traditional local copper pot stills, then two years’ ageing in oak casks. However Cognac can vary enormously in aroma, flavour, texture and age-worthiness, depending on who produces it and the production methods involved – from the provenance and soils of the vineyards, to the type of oak barrels used and length of ageing. Given Cognac’s impressive international distribution, production of better-known brands these days is a large-scale industry, however Cognac also numbers many artisanal, small-batch producers whose finest brandies are among the most prized in the world.

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Armagnac is a style of grape brandy originating in Gascony, south-west France. Often compared to Cognac, its more famous neighbour, Armagnac is in fact a very different product. Traditional Armagnac is typically made by a single grower in tiny batches, from a single vineyard and vintage year. Armagnac is marked by its delicacy and complexity, resulting not only from the blend of different grapes used (which may include up to four indigenous grape varieties) but also the location and soil types of its vineyards, its unique distillation process, as well as a prolonged ageing process in large oak casks. Armagnac at its best will exhibit a finesse and subtlety of aroma and texture, where fruit sweetness, alcohol and oak are held in a perfect tension. Capable of ageing gracefully for many years, the most highly-prized Armagnacs have much in common with the world’s fine wines.

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Fortified wine

Fortified wines count among the world’s finest wines. Varying widely in style, fortified wines range from bone dry to sweet, from fragrant and aromatic to rich and complex, depending on the grape varieties and production methods used. Sherry and Port are perhaps the world’s most well-known and highly sought-after fortified wines. Given their importance we felt they merited dedicated treatment on our website, therefore for these styles please refer to the relevant section. Other fortified wines in Corney & Barrow’s portfolio include the increasingly rare wines of Madeira, as well as enticingly grapey Muscat. The current vogue for lighter, fruitier wine styles has seen a decline in popularity of fortified wines in recent years. This isn’t all bad however! Prices of fortified wines have fallen in relative terms, giving you all the more reason to find a place for them on your dinner table or in your cellar.

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Rosé Wine

Recent years have seen an extraordinary rise in the popularity of rosé wine styles. While there are many reasons for this phenomenon, improved winemaking equipment and new techniques have played a significant part, giving wines with the vibrant aromas and bright, juicy fruit that modern consumers love. Today rosé wines are made across the world and from many grape varieties. At Corney & Barrow you will find fresh, fruity, everyday-drinking rosé styles from France’s Gascony and Languedoc-Roussillon wine regions as well as Spanish Catalunya and South Africa’s Paarl. An extra few pounds will buy you a creamy, subtle Provençal rosé, or a delicate, red berry-scented Pinot Noir rosé from Sancerre, Burgundy or New Zealand. Rosé-lovers with a penchant for bubbles should look to the Champagne and Sparkling Wines section for a range of different styles and prices.

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