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La Combe de Grinou Blanc Chateau Grinou Bergerac 2016

France  >  French Country  >  Bergerac  >  French country

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2016, Dry, Light bodied, 12.5%, Cork

A perfect alternative to white Bordeaux at a fraction of the price. Bergerac is back! 
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Chateau La Fleur des Graves Blanc 2015

France  >  Bordeaux  >  Graves de Vayres

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2015, Dry, Medium bodied, 13.0%, Cork

Exuberant white which balances exotic and fresh orchard fruit - floral and honeyed and uplifting. Here we find a traditional Sauvignon/ Semillon blend, refreshed by floral aromatics of... 

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Corney & Barrow Sauternes 2012 Halves

France  >  Bordeaux  >  Sauternes

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2012, Sweet, Full bodied, 13.0%, Cork

A beautifully balanced wine which goes equally well with rich terrines, cheeses and desserts. 
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Chateau Briatte 2011 Halves

France  >  Bordeaux  >  Sauternes

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2011, 14.0%, Cork

The perfect complement to light desserts, cheeses (particularly blue) nuts and rich terrines 
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Chateau Septy 2011

France  >  Bordeaux  >  Monbazillac

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2011, Dry, 13.0%, Cork

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Gathering Sauvignon Semillon The Lane 2012

Australia  >  South Australia  >  Adelaide Hills

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2012, Dry, Full bodied, 13.0%, Screwcap

An aromatic, award-winning Sauvignon-Semillon blend, hand-crafted by the team at The Lane Vineyard. 
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Mezes Maly Dry Furmint Royal Tokaji Company 2010

Hungary  >  Tokaji

Sauvignon/Semillon, 2010, Full bodied, 13.0%, Cork

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