November 24, 2016

10 tips to deliver a perfect Christmas dinner


1- Do not panic!

Hosting Christmas dinner can be very stressful, we know. But with enough planning and preparation, it is one of the best moments of the year!

2- Christmas menu

Think of your menu now and order your food as soon as possible, especially the meat that will be more and more pricey approaching Christmas. You will have even more choice and some time to master your recipe until the D-day.



Make sure the Christmas pudding is already well on its way, macerated until Xmas day. Some excellent recipes here.

4- Wines

Browse on Corney and Barrow’s website and select your wine. We have great people in the company able to help you with food pairing! Your dinner will be a success if the combination of flavours is spot on.


5- How many dishes?

Do you have enough plates and cutlery? Make sure you have matching crockery if you want an elegant and classic Christmas dinner. Mix and matching China can be a good option for a more modern touch.


Each wine has its perfect glass shape. If you don’t have what you need you can still hire some to specialised companies, Wine Sorted for example. Alternatively, you could use a very common shape, not too small neither too big, making sure you have two for each guests, for white and red. Sherry or sweet wine will be served separately in a clean glass at the end of the meal.


7- Flowers and decorations

A very personal touch will always be appreciated by your guests. Think elegant and outside the box. Use  colourful elements and keep a colour palette. Make your own place cards with old corks for example, see on this website ( Write small cards, poems or Christmas carol and surprise your family and friends.

8- Be prepared

On Xmas day, do as much preparation as you can in the morning and you will feel less stressed and ready for your guests.

9- Service and temperature of the wine

Corney & Barrow team will be happy to help and advice the best temperatures for your wine and when to get them out of the fridge. Don’t store your wine in the kitchen and   avoid variation of temperature until Christmas. Don’t drink your whites too cold your reds too warm.

10- Enjoy and have fun!

And for more inspiration, visit


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