October 12, 2016

Peruvian Wines Land At Corney & Barrow

A new range of Peruvian wines will soon be available at Corney & Barrow. They were open for a first taste at our press tasting at the RSA in London on 28th September. The range consists of four wines: chardonnay, malbec, sauvignon blanc and syrah.  It marks an exciting time for adventurous wine lovers as it’s the first time we’ve stocked wine from this country. Our buyers tasted them across several weeks against a host of other South American wines and chose all four to join our range.


Vines have been grown in Peru since 1880 though until now you were more likely to use the grapes for Pisco, a kind of Brandy, than for table wines.

Peru is an incredibly interesting place for vines. The country lies outside the famous 28-50 degree latitude zone where wine is made. Much like Argentina, Peru relies on altitude for its vineyards. It would be too warm otherwise. These vineyards, rising high in the Andes soak up the sun without the kind of heat that could ruin the crop. Delicate grapes that are perfectly ripe make up the wine.

Around the world, no matter where you find vines, winemakers hope for a particular weather pattern. Warm days and cool nights to ripen the grapes without losing the precious acidity. Then the grapes head to a state of the art winery. It is a definite new world operation.

You can expect classic flavours in all the wines. The whites are a masterpiece of food friendly flavours.  The sauvignon blanc is fresh, crisp and fruity. If you love New Zealand sauvignon there’s something for you here. The chardonnay has the kind of flavour that’s brimming with complexity. One glass just isn’t enough. The reds show that Peruvian wines are capable of real old world finesse. The syrah has more than a little in common with the silky syrahs of the northern Rhone. While the malbec proves its home can be anywhere in South America.

These wines from Peru show what’s available if you want to try new wines from exotic countries without pushing the boat out too far. What’s the most exotic wine you’ve drunk?

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