February 13, 2017

Top 10 Instagram accounts for wine lovers

We love Instagram! It’s so fun seeing an insight into wine that you don’t normally see. If you aren’t following us already, make sure you do. Then check off each of these 10 essential Instagram accounts for wine lovers. 

1. Wineducation 

Anyone that posts infographics on soil content is worth a follow. Their posts are sometimes funny, sometimes informative but always entertaining.

2. Jamie Goode

This guy made his name as a wine blogger before most Instagram users were old enough to drink. He’s a titan of the wine blogging and writing fraternity. And he takes a mean photograph.

3. Sager and Wilde

The bastion of cool bottle shots. This wine bar in London’s east end shows what a little creativity can do for the humble wine bottle. Watch out for posts of the fabled cheese toastie, hunger won’t be far away.

4. Wine Wankers

Look no further for an irreverent take on the world of wine. These are some funny guys from Australia. These guys aren’t afraid to say what they feel about some of the wine industry’s “quirks”.

5. Olly Smith

Dear old Olly. There’s no nicer man in the world let alone the wine trade. Still so excited by wine as ever, make sure to follow him for an inside look at the tv critic’s life.

6. Fiona Beckett (Food_Writer)

Another to avoid if there’s a hint of hunger on the horizon. When Fiona Beckett posts, you pay attention. She’s one of the preeminent voices on wine and food in the UK.

7. Madeleine Puckette (Wine Folly)

People take note: it wouldn’t be an Instagram roundup is complete without this plucky American graphic designer. She’s done more to make wine accessible in the past 2 years than many people have done their whole lives.

8. ShibaSommelier

Come on, it’s a cute dog and wine. What’s not to love.

9. Drink Bordeaux

Sometimes the best pictures come from the least likely of places. All the way from America comes one of the most inspiring feeds on Bordeaux. These guys are a feast for the eyes of all things old world.

10. Rajat Parr

This guy gets around. It’s one thing to travel round the world visiting the best vineyards and drinking the best wines. It’s another thing to capture it all so effortlessly.

Did we miss anyone? Don’t forget to follow Corney and Barrow!


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