TV Wine Pairings: Edinburgh TV Festival

August 22, 2017

TV Wine Pairings: Edinburgh TV Festival

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring the Edinburgh TV Festival this year, and to celebrate, we’ve matched a selection of our top wines with our favourite genres.

Inspired by some of TV’s top talent, our choices stem from the affordable, everyday wines of our top producers. We feel that these wines perfectly match the brilliant programmes, presenters and entertainers that we can all discover and enjoy every day.


Comedy + De La Guerra Chardonnay

Inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag)

Comedy can come in many forms, making us feel a milliard of different emotions. Chardonnay is also an incredibly versatile grape, lending itself to different flavours, food pairings and vineyards all over the world. The lovely blend of orchard and citrus fruit, underpinned by briny minerals lend a certain richness and complexity allied to an upbeat character. Much like Phoebe, this wine is flirty, complex and oh-so-attractive. We think it’s the perfect drink for a Fleabag marathon.

Drinking at the TV Festival? Try our C&B Own Label Blanc

Documentaries + Delamotte Brut NV

Inspired by Sir David Attenborough

Champagne, like Sir David requires no introduction, and this Delamotte is no exception. From one of the oldest houses in Champagne, this Brut NV blends a lovely balance of fresh, well-rounded, rich fruit and floral notes. A good documentary can fit any mood or occasion, much like this wine. Distinguished, a real star buy, and a wine you’d be lucky to take to any dinner party.

Drinking at the TV Festival? Try a glass of Delamotte

Reality + Mâcon-Verzé Domaines Leflaive

Inspired by Judge Rinder

Reality TV calls for an open mind, sharp commentary and often brutal honesty, and Judge Rinder brings this all to the table. This wine is citrusy, with a zesty note of pure white fruit giving it a brilliantly fresh attitude, while at the same time being wonderfully familiar (and easy-drinking). Ideal for your next binge fest.

Drinking at the TV Festival? Try our Panul Sauvignon Blanc

Crime + Il Pino di Biserno

Inspired by Vicky McClure (Line of Duty)

A mix of mystery, deception and cunning draw us immediately into any crime drama, and a melange of floral perfume makes this blend immediately approachable. But this is not a wine to be taken lightly. A rich array of red and black fruit, combine with a serious mineral backbone, give this wine smoky intrigue right from the first taste. The perfect partner for any Line of Duty cop.

Drinking at the TV Festival? Try our Panul Merlot

Evening News + Achaval Ferrer Malbec

Inspired by Jon Snow

Malbec is to Mendoza as the evening news is to TV – emblematic. Flamboyant aromatics of violets, plums and spices, combined with a powerful richly fruited palate, create this wonderfully strong but elegant wine. Even in the most challenging of scenarios, nobody encompasses poise under pressure more than Jon Snow. We certainly need a glass of this while watching the news these days.

Drinking at the TV Festival? Try our C&B Own Label Rouge

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