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July 30, 2015

Why champagne is worth celebrating

Ah champagne. Lovely, bubbly, delicious, historic, prestigious, luxurious champagne. There is no substitute.

Champagne Delamotte cork

Yes, of course we love Prosecco and other sparklers – especially English ones! But the popping of a champagne cork is something uniquely special.

Champagne bottles are the armoured tanks of the glass world, as they have to contain the enormous pressure the sparkling wine creates inside them. We open them to celebrate birthdays and unions and we ceremonially smash them against boats (English sparkling does that quite well too), although when Prohibition went into effect in the USA, ships went sober and were launched with water, fruit juice or, in at least one case, apple cider.

Champagne Salon with fish & chips
Salon with fish & chips

It’s also great with food. In the past we have presented dinners where champagne has been paired with fish and chips… and why not? Champagne’s bubbly, acidic edge cuts through the fattiness perfectly. However, you’re unlikely to see it served in your local chip shop anytime soon…

So, what should you be cracking open the next time you feel the urge for bubbles? Our favourite comes from one of the oldest champagne houses in the world.

Champagne Delamotte has been the benchmark in Champagne since 1760 (20 years before Mr Corney opened his first shop in London) and we are lucky enough to be the sole suppliers in the UK.

Lovingly made in the very finest Grand Cru areas of France’s Champagne region, Les Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize and Oger, Delamotte is also the sister of legendary champagne house Champagne Salon.

In the years when Salon is not made (about 3 in every 4), the grapes go towards making Delamotte and that really does make it a supreme bubbly.

Champagne Salon vineyard, Champagne Delamotte garden stone, Champagne Delamotte 2007
The Champagne Salon vineyard in Les Mesnil-sur-Oger – Champagne Delamotte since 1760 – the latest release Champagne Delamotte 2007

If you have something to celebrate or simply love champagne, not only can you buy some from us (we would love that), but you could also try a glass at one of the many London restaurants and bars who stock Delamotte.  Here are some of our favourites…

A romantic dinner

Clos Maggiore located in the heart of Covent Garden is the perfect location for romantic summer dining. With a calm and relaxed mood, this beautifully decorated restaurant with its conservatory adorned with apple blossom is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Champagne Delamotte. One of only 2 places to receive the 2014/2015 Grand Award (Wine Spectator), Wine Director Edoardo Amadi told us:

“We select for our wine list Champagnes and all other wines for the style, character and of course great quality.”

Delamotte it is, then!

Dine with friends

What better way to take in the spectacular views of London than dining with friends and sipping a glass of champagne? Having had Delamotte on their wine list for 15 years, The Champagne bar at Vertigo 42 is the place to be!

Lunch with clients

1 Lombard Street is the perfect restaurant to take clients for lunch, with its prime location (opposite the Bank of England) and bright airy décor, your clients will be impressed. Finally and most importantly they list Champagne Delamotte!

Weekend celebrations

Enjoy drinking Champagne Delamotte at this super friendly and stress free location The Duke of Wellington. With an outdoor area it is also great for catching a few rays from the weekend sunshine.

After work drinks

Long day at the office? What better way to relax than sipping a glass of Delamotte at the rather quirky and unique Brunswick House. Surrounded by antiques and wonderful treasures – this is the place to unwind.

We’d love to hear your excuses for drinking champagne and your favourite places to quaff.  Leave a comment here or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Champagne Delamotte bottles sitting on a table in the sun

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