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An elegant presence, and a strong character, devoted to the enhancement of its territory.

Pasqua is a family company who since the early 1920s have built up their wine business to become a force to be reckoned with! In the 1960s, the Pasqua brothers Carlo, Giorgio and Umberto gave the company a new momentum acquiring more vineyards, and increased investment in winemaking equipment and a new focus on quality-driven techniques.

The Cecilia Beretta estate was founded in the 1980s, just to the east of the famous wine village of Valpolicella. It was named after the 17th century agronomist and poet Count Giuseppe Beretta, who built the beautiful Villa in Mizzole in the heart of the estate, now surrounded by vineyards.

The local Pasqua family had owned the surrounding vineyards since the 1940s; a renewed drive for quality and a concentration on modern oenological technologies became a priority in the 1980s as competition from ‘New World’ wine producers forced traditional winemaking countries like Italy to up their game.

Thus the quality-focused Cecilia Beretta winery was born. By 1998, this experimental terrain became the research centre of the local university’s Agricultural faculty. The primary objective of the family winery now is to make the highest quality wines possible from the indigenous grapes of the region.

Through Cecilia Beretta range, the Pasqua family aims to recapture the force and personality of the traditional wines of the Valpolicella and Soave areas, which are the precious products of a unique and original history and culture.

Cecilia Beretta- Pasqua

The Vineyards

A varietal wine that combines French characteristics with the Mediterranean climate of the South of Italy

Cecilia Beretta- Pasqua

It’s a philosophy that highlights the typical characteristics of the vineyards from this part of Northern Italy, treasuring for example ancient tecniques like the “appassimento”.

It’s a centuries-old method, in which the best grapes are selected, hand-picked, and tidily placed in wooden racks.

Here the grapes are left to dry for almost four months.

The transformation that occurs is the secret of our reds: while the grapes lose weight, they develop an extraordinary fruity aroma.

The properties are situated in the amazing amphitheater of valleys and hills of Valpolicella and extend to the volcanic soils of the Soave hills.

It’s a land devoted to wine production since the Roman age.

Here, the soil is made of limestone and clays, and the plants are found at an average altitude of 150-200 meters.

The Wines

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