Farfallone Aglianico Sannio DOC 2016

Farfallone Aglianico Sannio DOC 2016
Farfallone Aglianico Sannio DOC 2016

Farfallone Aglianico Sannio DOC 2016

The nose displays aromas of violet, blackberry, bramble fruit and sweet spice (anise, cinnamon and vanilla). On the palate charismatic flavours of black plums, blueberry and wild black berry are reined in by natural freshness and slatey minerality, all underpinned by savoury notes and well-toned tannins.

"Made from Campania’s signature grape, Aglianico, brooding Farfallone will woo you with flowers, fresh fruit and spice."

  • Aglianico
  • ABV 13.0%
  • Drink now
    2020 - 2021
  • Cork
  • Dry
  • Vegan

“Introduced by the Greeks and cultivated by the Romans, the Aglianico grape produced hearty, full-bodied wines, and this is no exception. With rich bramble aromas, this robust red possessed excellent structure. Dry and powerful with a good long finish, dark fruit flavours and tannins are finely balanced with a minerality that keeps it fresh.”



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It is hard to imagine a more exciting or varied wine-producing country than Italy. With a vibrant winemaking history spanning over 2,000 years, and vineyards stretching from the Alps through the Appenine mountains to Sicily, the Italian peninsula is home to an enormous range of climates, topographies and soil typeshosting hundreds of distinctive grapes unique to Italy.

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