Château Septy

Monbazillac lies within Bergerac, southwest France, with Château Septy located on the hillsides of southern Bergerac, facing the south bank of the Dordogne.


The soils here are clay-limestone (argilo-calcaire). Monbazillac has the perfect terroir, with a microclimate which fosters the development of noble rot – sounds awful but is key to producing luscious wines with fresh acidity. Some excellent, rich whites are produced here which, in good vintages, will stand their ground alongside those from the revered Barsac and Sauternes. We have been buying this wine for decades, impressed by its tenderness, aromatics, fresh balance and, frankly, its keen pricing.

In the vineyard, the Septy team conform to lutte raisonnée, whereby they adhere mainly to organic principles, only using chemicals when absolutely necessary. Respect for the environment is paramount and everything they do is as natural as possible. Their grapes are handpicked, the vines are pruned traditionally and de-leafing and green harvesting is very carefully monitored. The majority of the vineyard is planted with Sémillon and, since 2003, the proportion of Sauvignon Blanc planted and in the blend has been purposefully reduced to produce a more voluptuous, rounded wine. Almost 90% Sémillon, the rest Sauvignon and a dash of Muscadelle.

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