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Corney & Barrow Own Label Wine

The very best in class, handpicked and blended by us, at everyday, affordable prices. From a Margaux made by Château Angludet to a Sauternes of even grander lineage. Outstanding wines, that we're proud to put our name on.

Everybody needs a Corney & Barrow label

"Happily, I knew we were in safe hands the minute I saw the list and twigged that all the wine... had been supplied by Corney & Barrow, titan of the British wine trade, still privately owned and going stronger than ever after 235 years in the business"

Jonathan Ray, The Spectator

A bottle for every occasion

Keeping your prized bottles away from the younger generation? Looking to impress the new in-laws? Or just enjoying a quiet evening meal. There is always a time and place for Corney & Barrow label wines.

These wines have been core to Corney & Barrow’s list since 1780, and they continue to be unique – our wines, made exclusively for us, and in some cases by us, together with some of the world's finest winemakers.

Corney and Barrow

Corney & Barrow Own Labels Case

A selection of our own labels, representing the best styles and regions across Europe. Outstanding quality at excellent value.


Designed to cater for any occasion, this case features two bottles each of:


C&B Blanc, C&B Rouge, C&B White Burgundy, C&B Sparkling, C&B Rioja and C&B Claret.


Case of 12 bottles: £110

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