Olivier Leflaive

In the three decades since Olivier Leflaive was established, this Burgundy house has quietly forged an impressive reputation. *


The standard, consistency and depth of Olivier Leflaive’s wine range are bound to the relationships with 100 or so small growers, from whom Olivier Leflaive sources grapes. These relationships lie in the hands of Franck Grux and Philippe Grillet, who run the vineyards and cellars. For many years now Olivier Leflaive has made special wines exclusively for Corney & Barrow from particular vineyards to which we – customers and staff alike – have become loyal over time.

We commit to purchase early in the year in order to secure allocations, as well as preferential prices. This arrangement is testament to the long relationship between Corney & Barrow and Olivier Leflaive.

*Joint Exclusivity

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In-Bond / En-Primeur

Selecting Retail Prices will display wines with retail prices which are inclusive of UK Duty and VAT. We can store goods, purchased at retail inclusive of tax prices, on your behalf in our Customers' Private Reserves

Selecting In Bond Prices will display wines with In Bond prices. These are exclusive of Duty and VAT. Wine purchased In Bond must be purchased by the unmixed case and stored in a bonded warehouse approved by HM Customs & Excise. Duty and VAT must be paid before delivery can take place.

En Primeur refers to the process of buying wines before they are bottled and released onto the market. Wines are purchased exclusive of Duty and VAT and then usually shipped 2-3 years after the vintage. They can only be purchased by the unmixed case (12 bottles, 24 half bottles, 6 magnums etc.).