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Agricola Azienda Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera

The Casse Basse Soldera estate lies at 320 metres on the south-western wing of the Montalcino commune.


*Exclusive to Corney & Barrow in Asia. Please visit:

It is difficult to avoid superlatives when writing about this unique wine. The 24 hectares of vineyards and garden have been transformed from abandoned scrubland to a Garden Of Eden, where wildlife, flowers and vines flourish under the fastidious care of Gianfranco Soldera and his wife, Graziella. At around 320m above sea level, the property is high enough to avoid frosts, to enjoy warm, daytime temperatures and cool nights – ideal for even ripening. There are two distinct parcels of vines, planted exclusively with Gianfranco’s revered Sangiovese Grosso, the only grape he believes truly belongs here. Case Basse, 2 hectares in size, was planted in 1972 and Vigna Intistieti, 4hectares, in 1973. Gianfranco’s and Graziella focus on creating the perfect ecosystem. The vineyards are tended with extraordinary attention to detail. Gianfranco, steeped in tradition, is outstandingly curious and forward thinking. Alongside time-honoured methodologies he invests heavily in the most modern research. My very first note “Tasting these wines one can only marvel at their complexity, their ability to be luscious, weightless, elegant, refined and yet powerful. They have subliminal authority and intensity.”

*It is with deep regret that we announce that Gianfranco Soldera passed away in February 2019. Please read the full announcement here.

To find out more about the latest vintage please read our brochure HERE.

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