Château de Lamarque

Château de Lamarque is a delightful Haut-Médoc property situated on the left bank of the Gironde, to the north of Margaux, very close to the river.


The owners of de Lamarque, Pierre-Gilles and Marie-Hélène Gromand d’Evry are determined to make the best Haut-Médoc possible. The vineyard covers thirty-five hectares, planted on alluvial gravel, deep and well-drained. Recently the blend has been around 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Merlot and 5% Petit-Verdot though replanting will raise the proportion of Petit Verdot.  Production has been savaged under Marie-Hélène’s jurisdiction as she has introduced an extremely rigorous regime of crop thinning to improve quality.  When we are greeted by Marie-Hélène, looking wonderfully glamorous, it is hard to imagine her out amongst the vines yet she is a demon with a set of secateurs. 

For seventeen years the Gromand d’Evrys have exercised a revolutionary viticultural system devised by Jean-Pierre Cousinié, researching, monitoring and assessing the vines from sub-soil through to the grapes. The vines are healthier and more resistant to disease without using chemicals. Harvest can be later allowing the grapes to achieve full phenolic ripeness. These wines are traditional in style, full fruit supported by a firm structure – perfect for a Sunday roast.

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