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Pecorino Roccastella 2020

Pecorino Roccastella 2020

Thought to have been extinct in the mid-20th Century, the Pecorino grape was rediscovered in an overgrown vineyard in the hills of Marche. Since the 1990s, new plantings have grown exponentially, thanks to this grape's luscious orchard and exotic fruit, complex sweet spice and fresh saline minerality.

"An 'occasion' wine with an everyday price, its power and complexity have led some Italians to describe wines made from the Pecorino grape as red wine dressed up as white. "

  • Pecorino
  • ABV 13.0%
  • Organic
  • Cork
  • Dry
  • Vegan


Italian Wine

It is hard to imagine a more exciting or varied wine-producing country than Italy. With a vibrant winemaking history spanning over 2,000 years, and vineyards stretching from the Alps through the Appenine mountains to Sicily, the Italian peninsula is home to an enormous range of climates, topographies and soil typeshosting hundreds of distinctive grapes unique to Italy.

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