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C&B Spotlight: Greg Reid

April 19, 2024

C&B Spotlight: Greg Reid

Q) Tell us a bit about you and your role at Corney & Barrow?

I’m an account manager based in our Edinburgh office. I’ve been with C&B for fifteen years this year, initially managing our shop and cellars in Ayr and moving through to Edinburgh in 2016.



Q) Can you tell us about the different customers you look after and the locations you cover?

I look after both on-trade and private customers across Scotland and into the northeast of England. My customers are split fairly evenly, which keeps my job varied — from helping design restaurant lists and staff training to advising private customers on which wines to buy and when to drink them.


Q) What do you love most about your role and why?

At C&B we’re very privileged to represent such a high-quality and varied portfolio of producers. Meeting them, tasting their wines and talking to them about their wineries is always a pleasure.




Q) How did you end up working in wine? Did you always have a passion for wine?

My first job in the industry was in a small off-licence when I was at university. I didn’t drink much wine at the time, but the regular tastings we held were a great introduction, and over time, I developed a taste for certain regions and varieties. By the end of uni, I was hooked and have worked in the industry ever since. A year out, when my wife finished art school, was spent driving around Europe in a campervan, ‘accidentally’ arriving in wine regions whenever I could engineer it; Tokaji in Hungary was a favourite stop. A month or so after we headed home I was lucky enough to spot a role advertised with Corney and Barrow.


Q) What has been your favourite wine experience so far and why?

On a family holiday to Sicily quite a few years back, we drove up the north side of Mount Etna and visited a tiny winery for a tasting. The landscape is other-worldly and the volcano was gently erupting the entire trip, which I’m sure contributed to the experience. Afterwards, we ate barbecued lamb and enjoyed the wine with stunning views over the Med, I’ve tasted some special wines over the years but never in such amazing surroundings.


Q) What advice would you offer to someone looking to start a career in the wine industry?

It’s about getting as much experience as you can; go to as many tastings and wine events as possible and ask plenty of questions when you’re there. Don’t worry about not knowing enough, it’s such a big topic that nobody knows everything — there is always more to learn.


Q) When you are not selling wine what might we find you doing?

Things are pretty busy just now, our two boys have multiple activities and weekends are spent driving and watching them perform. We’ve still got a campervan and we try and get trips away when time and the weather allow. At weekends I enjoy cooking for family and friends — curries or a traditional roast are my favourites.

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