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Corney and Barrow team

Meet The Team

From London to Hong Kong, and retail to business, our dedicated team are here to help you discover and love wine as much as we do.

The Team

Corney and Barrow Percy Weatherall

Percy Weatherall


Corney and Barrow Adam Brett-Smith

Adam Brett-Smith

Managing Director

Corney and Barrow Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser

Managing Director (Scotland & North England)

Corney and Barrow Thibaut Mathieu

Thibaut Mathieu

Managing Director (Hong Kong & Singapore)

Corney and Barrow Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Director of Sales (Scotland)

Corney and Barrow Will Hargrove

Will Hargrove

Head of Fine Wine

Corney and Barrow Rebecca Palmer

Rebecca Palmer

Wine Buyer

Guy Seddon

Guy Seddon

Head of Fine Wine Buying

Corney and Barrow James Franklin

James Franklin

Head of Merchant Sales

Corney and Barrow Allison Frew

Allison Frew

Director (Scotland)

Corney and Barrow Paul Marus

Paul Marus

Associate Director & Buyer (Broking Wines)

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