Celliers Jean d'Alibert

Celliers Jean d’Alibert is one of the oldest-established and most quality-minded wineries in the entire Languedoc.


This cooperative group unites several tiny village cooperative wineries and over 20 small domaines and chateaux covering the high quality Haut-Minervois (‘Upper Minervois’) wine-producing area. Their vineyards - spanning 7000 hectares – comprise some of the most interesting and varied ‘terroirs’ of the region: cool, light-reflective schistous terraces; breezy limestone hillsides; and the sandy-soils of old pre-phylloxeric vineyards vines bordering the Canal du Midi.

Such diversity gives access to grapes of many varieties, styles and qualities, bringing with it a dazzling and unrivalled array of different styles and qualities of wine, yet all displaying the winery’s hallmark richness and appetising freshness.

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