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Corney & Barrow Week-End Case (12 bottles)

The popularity of these wines does not depend on seasons, offers or occasions. They are constant best sellers and are great ambassadors for our portfolio. The Bourgogne Rouge from Gilles Jourdan is showing brilliantly and Le Cupole is a maverick from Tuscany, made by a genius who prefers to blaze his own trail and not that of his local counterparts. The results are astonishing.

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The Corney & Barrow Case

Our own labels are at the heart of the Corney & Barrow list. Each wine is made exclusively for us, representing the best styles and regions across Europe. The perfect lead into Christmas, at an unbeatable price.

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The Party Case

Get the party started and keep it going indefinitely with this dazzling mix of everything from classic bubbles to delicious Burgundy and Argentinian spice.

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The Staff Picks Case

The wines in this fantastically diverse selection have all won the hearts of our team, so they¿re bound to impress your guests too. The perfect case to have on standby over the holidays.

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The Ultimate Dinner Case

Everything you could possibly need for the big day in one case - from the most exuberant of Sancerres to the most heart-warming Tawny Port, not forgetting magical Delamotte sparkle.

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Web Lucky Dip 2016 Mix Case

Try our lucky dip case made up of popular wines from across the portfolio.

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