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Corney & Barrow offers a comprehensive service to private customers and to the wine trade, throughout Asia.


We have offices set up in Hong Kong and Singapore and have two teams in the UK dedicated to export. This builds on our years of experience dealing with the Asian Market.


If you would like to receive our regularly updated wine lists, please contact us at hongkong@corneyandbarrow.com or visit us on 

www.corneyandbarrow.com.hk (Hong Kong website)
or www.corneyandbarrow.com.sg (Singapore website).


Corney & Barrow releases wines en primeur (for sale of the wine while still in the barrel) from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and other areas around the world throughout the year. To receive news of these releases, please contact us.

Find out about en primeur wine.


At Corney & Barrow, we take the whole issue of ‘provenance’ seriously. This means that we do not buy from auction houses, the USA or from Asia due to the difficulties in establishing the history of shipments and storage conditions.

Thanks to our large number of exclusive relationships with wine producers, you can be sure that the wines being supplied to you, both on the primary and secondary market, are genuine and have not travelled several times around the globe. Many wines that we offer on our Broking List are sourced from our customers’ reserves, stored in perfect conditions 100 feet underground at Octavian’s cellars in Corsham, England. These wines, in turn, have come straight from the Domaine or Château. If they do not come from our customers’ reserves, they are directly sourced from our network of trusted wine producers in France.


Corney & Barrow is proud to offer customers the choice to store their wines at Octavian Vaults in Corsham, England. Octavian Vaults is widely considered to offer the best conditions for long term storage in the UK, if not the world. The cellars found at Corsham are 100 feet underground in a cavernous space, originally used for mining Bath stone. This provides a naturally balanced environment, ideal for the cellarage of fine wine; optimum levels of humidity, a perfectly constant temperature, fresh air quality maintained and absolutely no ambient fluctuations. The cellars are devoid of sunlight, which further reduces the risk of wine ageing prematurely. Moreover, since they are encased in solid Bath stone, with floors that are 20 feet thick, vibration from outside is non-existent.

For our Hong Kong customers, we also offer storage services in Hong Kong in an environment with 24/7 optimal storage conditions. This is especially useful since living spaces tend to be smaller and the weather can get quite hot and humid in Hong Kong. To find out more about cellaring services, please contact us.


Export to the trade is an important and growing side of our business. Above all, we offer a trustworthy, friendly and professional service to our friends in the wine trade throughout Asia. Our trade customers have dedicated account managers, who keep in regular contact with relevant, competitive offers and up-to-date broking lists.

We understand the importance of sourcing the wines most in demand for the Asian market. The key to the exceptional provenance of our wines is the large pool of wines that are held by our private customers at the Octavian cellars in Corsham; we get first access to these wines should private customers choose to sell and we therefore can offer impeccably stored, rare wines to our trade customers.


We also recognize how important it is to back up the sales operation with a dedicated, professional shipping team. Led by Scott Smith, the Corney & Barrow shipping team works closely with our selected freight forwarders and those responsible for the delivery to your home or storage facility.

Hong Kong and Singapore Shipping Service provides refrigerated shipment of wines from the UK. Shipments take approximately six weeks and run at regular intervals throughout the year. We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor the conditions in which our wines are shipped. This technology ensures consistently optimal conditions from the cellar in the UK to our customer’s door in Asia.

UK to Hong Kong shipping service costs a flat rate of £20 per case (12 bottles). This price includes full insurance and door-to-door delivery.

UK to Singapore shipping service costs SG$50 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 6 cases or more and SG$95 nett per case (12 bottles) for shipments of 5 cases and under. These prices include full insurance and door-to-door delivery.

For more information, please contact us.


Delivery is free for Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories for any orders of one case or more. Orders below this amount will be charged at HK$160 per delivery. There will be an additional surcharge for delivery to outlying islands.

Delivery is free for Singapore mainland and Sentosa for any any orders of one case or more. Orders below this amount will be charged at SG$60 per delivery.


We offer our Cellar Club service to expats over in Asia. The Cellar Club is available to customers willing to commit a minimum monthly payment of £100 for a term of 12 months or more. In return we will work with you to create a collection of wines you want. From our portfolio of exclusive producers, we can provide you with wines that can be bought to drink now or to keep and enjoy for years to come. You can build a balanced cellar of wines from around the globe, specialise in red Bordeaux or pick and choose your favourites. You can choose to store in our dedicated cellaring facilities at Corsham, with no administration fees, or ship out to Asia on our regular shipping services to both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Visit the Cellar Club page for more information or contact Ben Pym.


Hong Kong general inquiry: hongkong@corneyandbarrow.com Tel: +852 2537 3325
Singapore general inquiry: singapore@corneyandbarrow.com Tel: +65 6809 3900

Hong Kong Office

Thibaut Mathieu – Associate Director and General Manager Asia
Direct: +852 3694 3334, Mobile: +852 6160 1786
Ken Hui – Private Account Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3300, Mobile: +852 6160 0746
Candy Cheung – Sales & Marketing Executive Support
Direct: +852 3694 3301
Marco-Jean Cloete – Senior Account Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3306, Mobile: +852 6160 1205
Eunice Fu – Sales Account Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3309, Mobile: +852 6160 4019
Melody Ma –Senior Private Account Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3310, Mobile: +852 6160 0980
Marco Vazquez –Sales Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3311, Mobile: +852 6160 1407
Augustin Bardet –Private Sales Manager
Direct: +852 3694 3312, Mobile: +852 6160 0350

Singapore Office

Wilfried Bourceau –Senior Private Account Manager
Direct: +65 6809 3848, Mobile: +65 9118 0053
Edward Thom –Private Sales Account Manager
Direct: +65 6809 3849, Mobile: +65 9712 0085
Daniel Ang –Admin & Logistics Co-ordinator
Direct: +65 6809 3850, Mobile: +65 9712 8840

Asia Marketing & Press Inquiries

Linda Tan – Marketing Manager Direct: +852 3694 3332
singapore@corneyandbarrow.com Tel: +65 6809 3900

Asia Logistics & Shipping

Jo Wong Direct: +852 3694 3302, Mobile: +852 6160 4017
Kitty Cheng Direct: +852 3694 3338
Christy Tsui – Logistics & Sales Support Executive Direct: +852 3694 3307
Boyee Siu – Logistics Support Officer Direct: +852 3694 3338


simon.chan @corneyandbarrow.com
Simon Chan – Accountant Direct: +852 3694 3303

Sylvia Or – Credit Controller

HR & Corporate Services

Vicki Blake Direct: +852 3694 3305, Mobile: +852 6160 0150

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