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Corney & Barrow Christmas

Christmas wines straight to your door

Corney & Barrow Christmas wines

I think it was Groucho Marx who said, “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others”, words which seemed somehow curiously suitable for the fabulous variety of wines we have in this offer.

At this surreal moment in the Nation’s history, it also seems to me that we have a profound duty to entertain in any way we can so, this selection, rather cleverly put together by the team, is not a charter for excess but a pathway to your happiness!

Here is everything you need to make yourself and others feel very, very happy. My personal favourite is, of course, our “Own Label Case” but the deliciously left-field Corney & Barrow “Staff Selection Case” is another must, along with the “Classics Case” which may be ordered to reassure the more conservative in-laws… Oh, and there is a lovely selection of Magnums and Double Magnums that will always look so, so special on the table.

Have a great one.



Corney & barrow own labels wine


We are proud of our C&B Own-Label range - wines with the wow factor, at an accessible price - created by us in partnership with some of the world's finest estates and winemakers. Blended to our recipe, these are benchmark classics that will match the many magical moments throughout Christmas, or accompany you in front of a treasured Christmas film.

Kick things off with C&B Sparkling Blanc de Blancs - the perfect party sparkler, or pair your smoked salmon platter with our zesty Périgord Sauvignon Sémillon from south-west France. Explore warming winter reds from Europe’s finest wine regions – a spicy Côtes du Rhône, supple Rioja, or our trio of lavish Clarets. Finish dinner parties in style with the harmonious, hedonistic 20-Year-Old Tawny Port – Christmas in a glass with its hints of orange and nutty caramel character.

So, sink into your favourite armchair, cosy up by the fire and relax with a well-earned glass during those scattered spells of Christmas downtime.

Corney & Barrow Christmas wine mixed cases


Written those Christmas cards to friends and family in far-flung places? (Tick!) Achieved the perfect balance of baubles + tinsel + lights on the tree? (Tick!) Got those corners and creases crisp while wrapping the gifts? (Tick!) Ordered the wine, ready for the festive season?... Allow us to cross off one more thing from that mammoth to-do list.

Our special Christmas mixed cases, at a range of price points, offer a versatile selection of delicious drinks. They will make hosting effortless. Look no further than a case of Corney & Barrow own labels for a range of approachable benchmark classics, made by top producers and offering sensational value for money.

In the frantic run-up to the big day, the preparations are part of the fun too. With one of our mixed cases in the house, you will never want for an impromptu glass when putting up the tree, stuffing stockings, or prepping innumerable sprouts. Should unexpected guests drop by, you won’t be caught short!

Corney & Barrow Christmas sparkling wines


Christmas is so much about the anticipation; the build-up. Just one of the many reasons that sparkling wines are essential! There’s the glittery foil to unwrap, the tense removal of the wire cage holding back the eager cork, the cautious twist out of the bottle. Then, the rush of those gorgeous bubbles, cascading into the glass. Whether you prefer a satisfying pop or a discreet ‘pfffft’, a bottle of fizz is the universal symbol of celebration.

Opt for the youthful exuberance of Prosecco, with the elegant sparkling wines of Le Colture, grown on steep hillside slopes. Go traditional, with the epitome of revelry – Champagne! – from the sublime Delamotte, acclaimed for its purity and finesse. Champion home-grown talent with award-winning English estates Ambriel and Breaky Bottom. Discover a vibrant and organically grown Cava Reserva from our producer Joan Sardà, or try Tissot-Maire’s subtle Crémants from the Jura, one of the most exciting French wine regions today. All of these versatile and gastronomic wines are ideal for a festive feast.

Add some sparkle to your celebrations with our sensational selection, and ensure the fizz is free-flowing this holiday season!

Corney & Barrow Christmas red wines


As momentum gathers towards the big day, ensure your guests’ vinous needs are satiated with some showstopping reds. This is the time to share your favourites with family and friends. While it can be fun to explore wonderful food and wine matches, Christmas fare can be so varied, don’t overthink it! Simply treat yourself to the wines that you love.

Our eclectic picks this year include some thrilling gems from around the globe. Discover Chile’s little-known heritage grape ‘País’ – vibrant red fruit, spiked with liquorice; lose yourself in Ridolfi’s layered, complex Brunello di Montalcino; or indulge in the seductive black fruit of Roc de Cambes – one of Bordeaux’s best-kept secrets. It is always a challenge to choose that one perfect red to serve with Christmas lunch. Cater for all tastes and have a selection on hand. Dazzle with diversity - let the dinner table reflect the wine world’s treasure trove of flavours and textures.

Corney & Barrow Christmas white wines


After presents and a celebratory glass of fizz, the meal prep begins in earnest! This is a special time to savour a glass of white wine before the reds make their appearance. A cooling glass of Domaine du Nozay’s fine, fragrant Sancerre should go down a treat while you prepare the Christmas feast.

For the meal itself, if you aren’t drinking red then perhaps opt for a richer, more textural white. A wine that delivers this in spades is the Hyde de Villaine Chardonnay from the Napa Valley in California. This wine possess a magical combination of richness and freshness that comes from the estate’s extraordinary terroir and world class winemaking. A Christmas treat!

From simple apéritifs to more complex ‘food wines’, we have wonderful whites to suit every occasion in your Christmas calendar.

Corney & Barrow Christmas magnums and double magnums wines


Everything tends to be a little bigger at Christmas: parties, presents, and indeed people, after all the festive indulgence! To cater to the festive throng and save time opening bottle after bottle, we find a magnum - or even a double magnum – a sensational and entirely sensible solution.

On Christmas Day itself, the delicious pop of a magnum of Prosecco or Champagne is a sumptuous starting pistol to kick off proceedings. With canapés, starters or even the main meal, a magnum from the great Domaines Leflaive is perfection… so utterly perfect in fact, that it has been known to convert the stubborn “red only” drinkers. When it comes to reds, the classics reign supreme – and the wines of Bordeaux’s left and right bank are always winners. But don’t overlook the opportunity to introduce family and friends to other fantastic wine regions like Beaujolais, Rioja and Piedmont.

So at Christmas, when sharing is the name of the game and more is merrier, enjoy our stunning selection of larger bottles, to ensure everyone is suitably topped up!

Corney & Barrow Christmas pudding wines


Christmas is the time of year when we rediscover our love for sweet wines - marvellous with all manner of sweet treats from mince pies to Christmas pudding, and also delicious with cheese. The key to a great sweet wine is the interplay between freshness and sweetness.

We have several delectable examples to offer you, from the classic C&B Sauternes to a mouth-watering yet indulgent Tokaji from Barta winery in Hungary.

These sumptuous sweet wines will round off all of your festive occasions beautifully!

Corney & Barrow Christmas gifts


The reason wine is such a wonderful Christmas gift is that you almost can’t lose. You either introduce someone to a wonderful wine they have never tried, or, if you happen to buy a wine they already have, you will be giving them an extra bottle of something they already enjoy!

There is nothing quite like watching someone discover a new wine for the first time. Whether a classic from Bordeaux’s right bank such as Louis Mitjavile’s l’Aurage, or an elegant New Zealand Pinot Noir from renowned boutique producer Muddy Water, the gift of wine is always special.

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping – the simple gift of a great bottle of wine, beautifully packaged, is always a winner!

Wine Pairings for Christmas!

It’s never too early to start preparing for your perfect Christmas; let us help with some delectable Christmas wines and food pairing suggestions to get you started

Little Tacker GSM Barossa Boy 2018 with Baked Ham and Cumberland Sauce

This baked ham with Cumberland sauce is sure to put you and your guests in the Christmas spirit. The delectable smell of the roasting pork only complements the toasty vanilla, floral and savoury notes in the Little Tackler GSM Barossa Boy 2018. 

Saint Albert Producteurs Plaimont Pancherenc du Vic Bilh 2016 and Alastair Little's Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding.

This recipe comes from the late, great Alastair Little who used to serve it at
Christmas time in his ground-breaking restaurant in Frith St, Soho. Coupled with the caramel marmalade of the Saint Albert Producteurs Plaimont Pacherenc du Vic Bilh 2016, could there be a better end to the meal?

Picpoul de Pinet Les Vignes Sur Mer Maison Azan 2021 and Salt Cod Cakes

The crisp acidity and freshness of Picpoul de Pinet Les Vignes Sur Mer Maison Azan 2021 with the white fish and potato cakes pairs perfectly. Incredibly moreish, you’ll need plenty of these fishcakes… and wine.

Discover more festive food and wine pairing recipes here.

Christmas wine and food recipes


At Christmas we look forward to all those magical moments, the decorations, the candles, the presents. At Corney & Barrow, we also get particularly excited about the bottles we will get to share! Follow our guide, we have your Christmas wines sorted!

Christmas wine and food recipe

Celebrate Christmas Eve with our own labels wines

Why not try one of our wonderful reds to enjoy on a crisp evening: Corney & Barrow Cotes-du-Rhone Vignobles Gonnet 2019 to be shared in good company with a charcuterie board, while Corney & Barrow Claret Maison Sichel 2018 will pair beautifully with a pasta dish - why not! Corney & Barrow Blanc 2021 will taste delicious with some Comté or Manchego cheese. Our very own Ida Weatherall, Fine Wine Team, has her particular favourite: “the Corney & Barrow Sauternes 2018. Our Sauternes is the perfect treat at the end of a meal – I can see my friends faces light up as I sneak a cheeky half bottle out of the fridge!

The perfect wine selection for Christmas dinner or lunch

Christmas is the day to pull out all the stops! So treat yourself and your loved ones to a spectacular Christmas wine box C&B Classic Mixed Case 2022 – an inspiring selection of timeless classics all from exceptional producers. Savour a glass of Delamotte’s exquisite champagne then let this outstanding line-up work its Christmas magic. For James Franklin, Head of Merchant Sales, mixed cases are the perfect answer to Christmas gatherings: “Hassle-free wines and gifting ideas. Each case celebrates a selection of some of our absolute favourites and bestsellers, all from exceptional producers.

Relax and reset on Boxing day

Boxing Day is surely time to unwind a little. Our buyer Rebecca Palmer highly recommends a cool glass of elegant and creamy Ambriel Rosé Brut Traditional Method 2015: “England’s best sparkling wines rival Champagne for quality these days. Award winning family estates Ambriel and Breaky Bottom are at the top of the tree, so make sure they’re under yours this Christmas.”  Sip a rich and velvety Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Cecilia Beretta 2019 from Italy, luxuriate in silky berry fruited decadence of L’Aurage 2016from Castillon, and savour a crisp and refreshing, Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi, the perfect match for traditional cold cuts.

Magnums create that extra sparkle - Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style

There is nothing like a magnum to add some magic to your dinner – a show-stopper on any festive table, and a spectacular gift for any wine-lover. “A magnum will not only dazzle your guests at a party, it will also make a fantastic gift. It is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas lunch and helps you celebrate the New Year in style.” insists Will Monroe, Fine Wine team.
Some of our best wines for Christmas are in magnum format. You will need to try – the delicately creamy Pianer Prosecco DOCG Le Colture Extra Dry NV, the elegant and fresh Macon-Verze Les Chenes, Domaine Leflaive 2020 - we love the almondy notes and the refreshing orchard and stone fruit palate – un délice. Or for the main, pair it with the deliciously self-indulgent Chateau Barrail du Blanc Grand Cru St-Emilion 2018 Magnum Such great value for money, you will order again!
We’ve got it all, an amazing selection of magnums and larger bottles to share with lots of friends until the end of the night! Perfect for giving 2022 a good send-off!


Some important Christmas questions answered for you

I need some wine! When can I order?

No need to wait! Order as soon as you can to secure your favourite wine for Christmas. You can place your order until 1pm on Monday the 19th December to receive your Christmas wine delivery in time for the festivities. Outside of mainland UK you will need to place your order by 1pm on the 5th December. We will not be delivering on Monday the 26th, Tuesday the 27th and Monday the 2nd of January.

Can I send a gift?

You can order all kinds of gifts for your loved ones on our website. Please make sure to add a gift box and a message and the recipient will receive a pretty present and gift card delivered straight to their door by our C&B vans! Need some inspiration? This Christmas we have pulled together a wonderful selection of special gifts to both inspire and delight. 

Need personal advice? Please contact us at [email protected] or at 0207 265 2430.

Christmas wines
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