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Christmas Food & Wine Pairings: Veigadares Albariño Adegas Galegas DO Rias Baixas 2019 with Cured Salmon

October 19, 2022

Christmas Food & Wine Pairings: Veigadares Albariño Adegas Galegas DO Rias Baixas 2019 with Cured Salmon

At this time of year, we love making our take on Gravadlax. It needs to prepared at least two days before you intend to serve it but will keep for up to a week in the fridge once the curing period is complete. It can be traditionally paired with dill & mustard sauce as a starter and works well with a number of other ingredients as a canape – horseradish, beetroot or in this case rye bread, cucumber & creme fraiche. Perfectly paired with our Veigadares Albariño, this will get your guests and yourself in the mood for a very merry Christmas.

1kg Salmon fillet
75g Maldon Sea Salt
75g Golden caster sugar
Splash of Spirit – Vodka, Gin, Rum or Whisky
Bunch of Dill

1. Lay the salmon flesh side up on a large piece of cling film.
2. Sprinkle over a your spirit of choice
3. Mix the sugar and salt together and press onto the salmon.
4. Cover with chopped dill.
5. Bind tightly in the cling film – make sure no liquid can escape.
6. Leave in the fridge for 2 days – giving it a little massage whenever you feel like
7. Remove cling film, drain the juices and wipe off the dill.
8. The salmon is now ready to be sliced
For the canape:
1. Thinly slice slow rye bread
2. Chop cucumber into very fine dice – season with a pinch each of salt and
sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
3. Slice salmon and lay on the bread, top with cucumber, a blob of creme fraiche
and a sprig of fresh dill.

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