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Corney and Barrow

Côte de Beaune


The Côte de Beaune is almost twice the size of the Côte de Nuits, with around 6,000 hectares under vine. Whereas the Côte de Nuits is an elongated strip of east-facing slopes, the gradient rising steeply into the hills above, the Côte de Beaune has several side valleys, making it for a broader shape on a map.

Travelling north to south, the Côte de Beaune makes a dramatic entrance just before the city of Beaune itself, in the shape of the iconic Hill of Corton. This southern region is the more rugged and picturesque half of the Côte d’Or. Whilst the Côte de Nuits encroaches on suburbia at its northern extreme and marble quarries in the south, the Côte de Beaune feels like proper countryside. The appellation covers both white and red wines.

Corton-Charlemagne & Corton

Three villages lay claim to the Grand Cru Corton-Charlemagne and Corton appellations: Aloxe-Corton, Ladoix-Serrigny and Pernand-Vergelesses. Corton-Charlemagne is a white wine appellation, half of which consists of the Le Charlemagne and En Charlemagne vineyards. Corton is a red wine appellation. Growers may attach the name of a specific lieu-dit (such as Corton-Bressandes or Corton Clos du Roi), or can make a generic Corton from a blend of vineyards.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Bonneau du Martray

Leaving Beaune northwards, the Côte is interrupted by the inimitable Hill of Corton, dominated by Domaine Bonneau du Martray.


Corney & Barrow is the exclusive UK agent for Domaine Bonneau du Martray. The 2018s will be released later this year.


Beaune is a large appellation and, sharing its name with the Côte d’Or’s main city, tends to confuse people. Add to that the nearby appellations of Savigny-lès-Beaune and Chorey-lès-Beaune (the ‘lès’ signifying ‘close to’) and you can see Beaune’s unfortunate image problem.

Luckily for us, however, this means that there are still some relative bargains here. In the present offering, the Beaune wines of Domaine Rossignol-Trapet and Domaine Lafarge should not be missed (see pages [ ] and [ ] respectively), whilst Domaine Jacques Prieur and Domaine Pierre Labet, released separately in December, also have extensive Beaune holdings.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Pierre Labet

The wines sold under the Domaine Pierre Labet name are vinified at Château de La Tour and enjoy the same fastidious attention to detail as those of Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru. 



Corney & Barrow represents these wines exclusively in the UK and Singapore. They were released in December – click here to see the offer.


Pommard used to be the fashionable sibling of nearby Volnay, its clay soils making for a more corporeal, muscular style than Volnay’s delicate, ephemeral wines. Changing tastes meant the tables have turned somewhat, but a handful of quality producers are making exciting wines. As a red wine enclave in white wine country, Pommard is underrated and well worth exploring.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau

Small family-owned Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau is under the stewardship of fourth generations brothers Marc-Emmanuel and Olivier.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.


Silky, seductive, beguiling and ethereal. Volnay can be all of these things. Despite being surrounded by Chardonnay, this outpost of Pinot Noir has many parallels with the perfumed elegance of Chambolle-Musigny. A relatively small commune, Volnay lies between Pommard and Meursault. The vineyard slopes, facing east and south, descend steeply, before inclining more gently towards the road below - the photo opposite of Marquis d’Angerville’s holdings, illustrates this well. The soils are marls, with a bedrock of limestone.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Marquis d'Angerville

This domaine, once part-owned by the Dukes of Burgundy, lies at the very heart of Volnay, both geographically and emotionally.


The 2018s will be released in March 2020.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Lafarge

Michel and Frédéric Lafarge are Domaine Lafarge’s renowned father and son team, recently joined by Frédéric's daughter Clothilde.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Lafarge in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Georges Glantenay

This family-owned Volnay domaine traces its roots to the 17th century, and is now under the direction of young brother and sister team, Guillaume and Sarah Glantenay.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Georges Glantenay in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.


The largest village of the Côte de Beaune, Meursault lies in the centre of the appellation, with Volnay to the north and Puligny-Montrachet to the south. Although we have come to expect volume and ‘butteriness’ from Meursault, there is in fact a lot of limestone in the soil and corresponding nervy tension in the wines. The best Meursaults need little makeup.

Meursault is primarily Chardonnay country but there are islands of Pinot Noir, notably Les Santenots, which sits on the boundary with Volnay and can be labelled Volnay-Santenots. As with Nuits-Saint-Georges, it is surprising that a village of this renown has no grands crus. Meursault has perhaps suffered historically by comparison with Puligny and Chassagne from not having ‘Montrachet’ appended to its name. Whatever the reason, it can be argued convincingly that the best Meursault premiers crus are of grand cru calibre.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Jacques Prieur

Domaine Jacques Prieur has enjoyed an unrivalled, renaissance, engineered by a blend of youth, vision, experience and tradition,  at last producing quality worthy of this great domaine. 


We are proud to be exclusive UK agents and will release the wines shortly.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Pierre Morey

We knew Pierre Morey during his two decades as Régisseur of Domaine Leflaive, from 1988 to 2008. He combined this high profile position with running the eponymous family domaine in Meursault.


We are hugely proud of this newest addition to our Burgundy family. We will do a combined launch of the 2017s and 2018s shortly.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Patrick Javillier

Another domaine in the process of a generational handover, the face of Domaine Patrick Javillier is increasingly Patrick’s daughter Marion.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Patrick Javillier in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Matrot

Adèle and Elsa Matrot are at the helm of Domaine Matrot in Burgundy's Meursault.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Matrot in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Henri Darnat

Henri Darnat’s aim is to make wines which are both drinkable in youth and age-worthy.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Henri Darnat in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.


For many the pinnacle of white Burgundy, the name Puligny-Montrachet is universally recognised and a stamp of quality. Laser-like, linear, precise, steely, floral – these are the adjectives we hope to write when we taste the wines of Puligny. The village shares the Montrachet vineyard with its neighbour, Chassagne, entitling it to its cherished suffix. We work with three Puligny growers, who between them cover a broad spectrum of styles and sites.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Leflaive

Among the most famous white wine Domaines of Burgundy, Domaine Leflaive is now run by Brice de La Morandière.


Corney & Barrow is the exclusive agent of Domaine Leflaive in the UK and Singapore. The Domaine Leflaive 2018s were among the first wines released, in December 2019. View the offer here.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine François Carillon

François Carillon is the sixteenth generation of a winemaking family which traces its Burgundian roots back to 1520.


Corney & Barrow is the exclusive UK agent of Domaine François Carillon. The 2018s will be released shortly.

Corney and Barrow

Olivier Leflaive

In the three decades since Maison Olivier Leflaive was established, this Burgundy house has quietly forged an impressive reputation.


For many years now, Olivier Leflaive has made special wines exclusively for Corney & Barrow from particular vineyards to which we – customers and staff alike – have become loyal over time. 


The 2018s were released in June 2019, as always the leaders of the pack by some distance. View the offer here.


Saint-Aubin lies in a side-valley in the hills to the west of Puligny- and Chassagne-Montrachet, at over 300 metres above sea level. You drive up there through forest; the air feels fresher. The appellation dates from 1937. The soils are clay-heavy; white wines tend to come from the lighter clays, with high limestone content, with the reds thriving on the heavier brown clay soils. Previously seen as a source of value relative to adjoining Puligny and Chassagne, the best wines from Saint-Aubin now rival those from its more famous neighbours.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Hubert Lamy

Domaine Hubert Lamy is one of the stars of Saint-Aubin. We are delighted to have added these brilliant wines to our roster in the small 2016 vintage, and to be continuing this year.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Hubert Lamy in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.


Sitting at the southernmost tip of the Côte d’Or, Santenay’s plantings consist of around 90% black grapes and just 10% white. Its history dates back to pre-Roman times, when it was prized for its thermal waters, rich in mineral salts.

The vineyards are marked out by the windmill which sits in the premier cru Beauregard vineyard. The village itself, home to little more than 1,000 inhabitants, has a pretty central square which always seems strangely deserted. Not an easy place to find a post-tasting coffee…

With the steady march of prices further north in the Côte, this is an appellation which is fast establishing roots in the minds of Burgundy lovers.

Corney and Barrow

Domaine Justin Girardin

The Girardin family traces its Burgundian roots back to 1570, with Justin Girardin being the 13th generation.


View the 2018 vintage from Domaine Justin Girardin in our full Burgundy 2018 vintage en primeur offer here.

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