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Christmas Tales: Christmas Eve

November 23, 2020

Christmas Tales: Christmas Eve

The smells of frankincense and myrrh are the epitome of Christmas Eve for me.

If I close my eyes, and conjure these heavy scents, I am transported to a darkened chapel, with candles flickering in the pews and the local choir singing festive hymns.

It is no longer the traditional midnight mass, instead the service starts at a more acceptable time of 7pm, but the essence of that cheerful scene will always be a prominent part of Christmas Eve for me – a traditional catholic midnight mass ceremony, followed by the extended family get together.

Whilst my parents and their siblings discuss cooking the turkey, and of course which wine is best to serve with said turkey – the cousins track Santa on their phones and run giggling underfoot, swapping stories and dreams of toys they wish to unwrap the next day. It is mayhem and bless my grandparents for putting up with us each year, on Christmas Eve! I think the spare bottles of wine we leave is the only reason they continue to host…

Christmas Tales by Kathy Hiscox – Personal Assistant at Corney & Barrow

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